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Audition Details

Lord of the Flies 2024

Aquila brings William Golding's classic story back to the Fringe in 2024.  Adapted by Nigel Williams, the story is about a group of children stranded on a desert island.  The play charts their descent into chaos and brutality, and is an intense and dramatic piece of theatre.

We are looking for young actors who can bring the characters to life and have the intensity and depth to help achieve a strong production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

Luscious Palm Leaves

How to Audition

If you would like to audition for Aquila Youth Theatre then here are the details.  You must be free from Monday 29th July to Saturday 10th August for rehearsals and performance.  The dates of the performances are 5th - 10th August. There are a range of characters in the story.  These are written as boys but there can be some gender fluidity in this production. Please look at the synopsis of the play if you are unfamiliar with the story, then choose a character that you would like to audition for from the audition pieces listed below.  

Audition pieces should be filmed via a phone, tablet or camera. 

Tips for filming:

Try and perform in good light and make sure you frame your shot so you are in it! We are not auditioning technology just you.  Take your time and don't worry about making it perfect! These audition videos are to give us an idea of your ability and suitability for the production. Some audition scenes have more than one person speaking; try and get someone else to read the lines off camera.

Please make sure that you have had permission from your parents or guardian.

Please only film one video and email it to including your name, age and past theatre experience.  All videos and details will be used by Aquila Youth Theatre for auditioning purposes only. If your video is too big to email then please use WeTransfer to send the video.


Audition deadline Monday 19th February

Audition Material


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